Short Stories – P.J. Powell

A spooky cabin in the woods

A Double Bind in Rhinelander

Accepted for June 2021 publication in Perceptions, a magazine of the arts which has existed at Mount Hood Community College since 1969.

Flash fiction, horror. A daughter waits inside a Wisconsin cabin while her mother battles a local monster outside, wanting to join the fight but unable to because she is tied to a chair. When the fight moves indoors, the daughter is ready. Her mother is not.

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A city burning.

Commencement Rites

April 2021. Published in Issue 95 of Youth Imagination, a magazine that focuses on the creative writing by, and for, our youth, sparking their imagination.

YA contemporary fantasy. Jade Mason’s nemesis has what Jade wants most: a dad who shows up to graduation. But Priscilla’s life isn’t as great as it looks, and while Jade’s dad is too busy tending to the Engine that turns the universe to come to her graduation, he hasn’t forgotten to get her a gift.

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A ship docked at sunset.

Confessions of a Cloud Painter

February 2021. Narrated in Manawaker Studio’s Flash Fiction Podcast, a podcast featuring a different story each week

Middle grade Steampunk. A young girl’s airship antics lead to unanticipated consequences.

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Voices de la Luna magazine November 2020 cover image.

Once More to Walmart

November 2020. Published in Voices de la Luna, a quarterly literature and arts magazine

Contemporary fiction. Nostalgia drives a woman in her early 20’s to her hometown Walmart, where she quietly struggles to reconcile her past, present, and likely future.

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surreal image of a house perched atop a tall dead tree

Two Flashes by P.J. Powell

September 2019. Published in Across the Margin, an online arts and culture magazine

Two offerings of flash fiction, one where revenge is a dish best served with childhood wonder, and another where a cosmic misunderstanding is earnestly pondered…

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