P.J.’s latest honest book reviews

as posted on Goodreads

The Ivies
really liked it
The prestigious Chaflin Academy is a ball of nerves on Early Decision day as the seniors wait to find out if they’ve been accepted to their dream colleges. Five girls, self-christened "The Ivies," are nervous, too, but maybe not quite as…
People Like Her
really liked it
Mamas the world over searching for acceptance and community have flocked to the Instagram account of Mamabare, aka Emmy Jackson, a top "Instamum" beloved for her candor, humility, and unfiltered presentation of motherhood in all its rock…
The Girl With All the Gifts
really liked it
The Girl With All the Gifts begins in the point of view of the main character, Melanie, a curious young girl leading a curious life behind bars with other children who are all treated like live ammunition by the soldiers who monitor them…
The Fever
liked it
I’m a sucker for high school mysteries and friendship drama, so I jumped right into this book about a mysterious illness striking teens at a particular school, one at a time, and the race to find out what’s causing it – which inevitably …
Snow Crash
it was amazing
Hiro Protagonist (that name!!! XD) lives a double life that’s half IRL and half virtual. His world is post-information-age America ruled by factions that function like fast-food franchises, with safe houses all along the superhighways th…